Water Quality Task Team

Members List

Sarah Bartnik (Chair)
Senior Aquatic Ecosystem Information Scientist
Environment and Climate Change Canada
Vancouver, BC

Andrea Czarnecki
Aquatic Quality Scientist
Environment and Natural Resources
Government of Northwest Territories
Yellowknife, NT

Gongchen Li
Transboundary Water Quality Specialist
Transboundary Secretariat
Ministry of Environment and Protected Areas
Government of Alberta
Edmonton, AB  

John-Mark Davies
Water Security Agency
Government of Saskatchewan
Saskatoon, SK

Kevin Rieberger
Head, Water Quality and Aquatic Science
Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy
Government of British Columbia
Victoria, BC

Amelie Janin
Senior Scientist, Water Quality
Water Resources
Department of Environment 
Government of Yukon
Whitehorse, YK

Paula Siwik
Executive Director, MRBB
Environment and Climate Change Canada
Edmonton, AB

Kerry Pippy
Physical Sciences Specialist
Environment and Climate Change Canada
Saskatoon, SK